ACS Scholars Program Turned 20

ACS News: 15% of program’s scholarship recipients went on to earn a Ph.D.

Linda Wang

ACS celebrated the 20th anniversary of the ACS Scholars Program this year. To date, the program has awarded scholarships to 2,840 underrepresented minority students who want to enter chemistry or chemistry-related fields. Of these, 57% have been female, 43% male, 50% African American, 44% Hispanic/Latino, and 6% American Indian. Since the inception of the program, 15% of the scholarship program graduates have earned a Ph.D. Pictured here with his research group is Daniel J. Mindiola (far left), the first ACS Scholar to earn a Ph.D. Mindiola is now Presidential Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania.

 Credit: Courtesy of Dan Mindiola

Credit: Courtesy of Dan Mindiola

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