Finally, Emoji For Chemists

ACS News: ACS Chemoji app lets users share smiley face with safety goggles, gloved thumbs-up, and more

Linda Wang

chemoji2Chemists and chemistry enthusiasts finally have a way to express their emotions online through an app launched this year by the American Chemical Society. The ACS Chemoji app gives users a set of chemistry-themed emoji stickers, such as a smiley face with safety goggles, to use in their online communications. Since the app launched in August, it’s been downloaded more than 9,300 times, and the stickers have received 2.7 million impressions. The traditional smiley face with goggles is tied for most shared with the hearts-for-eyes smiley with goggles. The app took three months to develop and was supported with funding from ACS. It is free and available for both iPhone and Android. But wait, there’s more. Additional stickers and a desktop version are in the works. That, in itself, deserves a smiley.


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